Rough partial list of incidents on our estate.

By: Linda Corby  all rights reserved.

House numbers etc have been removed for obvious reasons.


  Easter Sunday 11/04/2004

Loud teenage type music all day long from No  & outside No , with a large number of young teenager children congregating on the doorstep all going in & out of No & No, playing football regularly hitting the cars. There behaviour was aggressive & intentionally aggravating towards us and the neighbours at no.

At approximately 7 pm a three-piece suit was brought out of no and planted outside no, a table was brought out of no foods & booze (beer & wine) was then put out on the table, some of this came out of no taken to outside no . The music was so loud that we couldn’t hear our television turned up with the windows/doors closed, the racket & general anti social behaviour was obnoxious, a totally unbearable situation.


During the evening my husband Brian went out and asked them to keep the noise down, telling the neighbour of no  at approximately 8.45 p.m. that it had to stop by 10 o clock as he had to be at work at 5 o clock the following morning.

The noise and anti social behaviour just got worse & worse, torches being constantly flashed directed at our window with rubbish being chucked into our front garden, more underage for drinking alcohol teenagers arrived at no were being supplied with booze, they were going up & down outside our window, pulling faces at us & generally behaving obnoxiously while drinking alcohol supplied from outside no continued.  


At just before 10 p.m.  We saw a yob from No  open a beer bottle on our fencing directly outside our window & this was the final straw, Brian (my hubby)went out to speak to them at no to stop it,  a big 15yr old from no  blocked him from going to no ’s door poking Brian in the chest, Brian held him by the collar of his jacked, this boys  13 yr old brother from no  was behind Brian making threatening gestures with an empty beer bottle, I walked up & told him straight that if he hit Brian I would sort him out & to go home which he did seeing I meant what I said, calling me and then my teenage daughter wankers as he went, I then  phoned the police as they were defiantly getting out of control.   A teenage girl from no  was screaming abuse, the yob with two of his teenage brothers from no  were all shouting abuse, I heard their mother trying to call them back into their home, only the youngest went, The other two were threatening Brian.  The yob then went to attack a male good neighbour from no  grabbing him & pushing him backwards, the yob was about to hit him when Brian jumped in-between them dislodging the yob’s hold on our good neighbour, the yob then backed off because he didn’t want to mix it with Brian.


The middle aged woman from no spoke to me, she was drunk, her eyes were going in different directions, her speech was slurred & she was using an arm chair to keep herself up, she was going on that Brian had given them till 10 0 clock at which point they intended to continue the party on at no  at her home, there were children & young adolescents under the influence of alcohol all over us, behaving in a menacing fashion towards us & The good neighbours who had also come outside to try and help stop the goings on. 


As I was seen and heard calling the police there was a rush job of putting the food booze and furniture away from the front door of no  before the police arrived.  When the police left the party continued at no , we went to bed with the windows closed, but could still hear the racket going on!  How the people at no  were putting up with it I have no idea, as these properties are single block & it was gone 3 pm before this quietened down.


These problems are being caused by miss x of no  & Ms x of no  attracting teenagers into & on the doorstep of their homes all the time! Plus it is very noticeable that things have deteriorated drastically since the yob from no  has come home from Prison.




Easter Monday 12/04/2004


All day Monday The yob of no  was playing loud music from his big van the van being parked on the grass outside no  & no , the yob was painting the van with the back doors wide open.  He also put the three-piece suit from the garden of no  into the back of this van later in the day. 


          The good neighbours & ourselves are having to put up with constant verbal abuse, specifically from the children from no , no , no , and even the 4yr old from no , plus threatening behaviour towards ourselves & our property from them, they play football deliberately aiming the ball at our cars & windows as hard as they can!

          At one point the 4 yr old from no  stood outside my door doing raspberries at me, saying ‘fuck off Corby’ encouraged by his mother miss x of no & the yob from no  who were standing at the back of  our good neighbours Taxi, who were threatening to punch the taxi at the same time.



Tuesday 13/04/2004


          I got heavy breathing pone calls from 1.25 until I put the number block on my phone to stop withheld numbers getting through.

Just before 4.30 the 4yr old from no was outside our window swearing & shouting out ‘fuck off Corby’ egged on by the yob &  his mother from no  plus other youngsters.  Constant threatening behaviour & congregating continued outside no.



Wednesday 14/04/2004


          Went out just after 9 o clock, came home at lunchtime, as soon as they twigged we were home they started playing loud music again from outside no . they were playing rude records ‘Who the fuck is Alice’ then some song about wanker’s at full volume, with the yobs youngest brother sitting on the flat roof thumping the wall as hard as he could with big bother boots on, we ignored it all going back out not returning until just after 6pm. One of the youths from no  had blocked in our good neighbours Taxi. Then we had the usual football sage periodically throughout the evening. Brian had to take our daughter to the youth club bus to avoid trouble & warn them what was going on on the estate, they were good  and brought her home to our door.

          One of the yobby boys had a sly go at her on the bus, as well as Ms x’s older daughter from no , & the youngest brother of the yobs from no  tried to trip her up when she got off the bus.



Thursday 15/04/2004


          Approximately 11.30 the 4yr old from no  was on my doorstep again shouting out ‘fuck off Corby’ again, then he went off and started having a go at The good neighbours twins by their gate.

          At 1.30 approx, the main yobs two brothers, plus two more teenage yobs were at it again with the football.  They gave up after half an hour of my ignoring them. But they are now making a habit of doing the football thing and then when they think we might have called the Police they all disappear for a while, so if you do call the Police there is nothing for them to see by the time they turn up, then they give it a short while before coming out and doing the same thing to aggravate you all over again.