I spoke to a good neighbour  from no  and he was kind enough to give me your email details in order that I could send you a rough list of what has been going on hear, basically just my notes, please would you come back to me and let me know what is going to be done about all this.  Thank you in anticipation of your help in this matter, Linda Corby 

Rough partial list of incidents.

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Please find below continuation on the list I sent you by email earlier, as you can plainly see these neighbours have no respect for authority what-so-ever, & have complete contempt for housing, so I would be interested to know how you intend to sort this mess out?   If I can help please let me know, right now I am doing my best to ignore it all, but I will send my notes to you as ,if & when things occur.  Thank you for your help in this matter, Linda Corby



(Thursday continued) The  Deputy  and a Centenier came up and spoke to No  and some of the kids on the estate, they left at just before 6.45 pm, they had just driven off the estate when the music started loudly again outside no   for approx 2 mins, then Miss x from no  came out and was speaking behind a good neighbours  Taxi, Mrs divorced x shouted out ‘fuck them & fuck housing', then all the kids started shouting out abuse, the music went off & on again for a short while, then miss x went out with her other half, but the deliberate noise & rude behaviour continued for around five mins after they had gone, followed by the odd shouting out of rude comments & the football being kicked about again into a good neighbours wife's car at just before 7 pm by yob 2 from no ,  Yob 1's youngest brother & the teenage foul mouthed girl from no , it was quite obvious to me that the three times the good neighbours car was hit on purpose to wind us up, yob from top end of the estate  from no   & his teenage gobby girlfriend from no  also came down & joined in with the football, & Mrs divorced x stood in her doorway edging them all on, she went into her house just before 7.30 they dispersed at this point and things went quiet again.  




   Friday 16/04/2004


Yob 1 from no  brought his big yellow & blue van Jxxxxx down from the top end of the estate revving its head off, then he started working on it thumping and banging, being joined by yob 2 from no  who has previously assaulted my 13 yrs old daughter and our cat, the police were called out to this incident & did nothing about it, along with,   yob 1's middle brother from no  went out at approximately 12.30 loud music playing from his car as he went.  At 12.55 disco music started playing from the van, turned off at 1 PM, they are deliberately doing this sort of thing in short burst to avoid the police catching them & to annoy the neighbours. from it all.

Yob 1's middle brother from n0  came back at 1.10 while I was speaking on the phone to a good neighbour from no  on the phone, he had loud disco music playing for approx 3 mins.  1.25 yob 1 of no  started up his van again revving the hell out of it for nearly five mins, and he is doing the periodically before switching it off.  The good neighbour could hear all this deliberate noise above our TV, It is now just after 1.30 yob 1's van is making a racket again, I am going out now to get away.  The other good neighbours have also gone out to avoid the hassle.

Photo of van for your records attached taken from my doorway this morning.

1.35 yob 1 from no  came to my door to confront me and have a go at me for getting his mother into trouble, because he thought I should not say anything as I was a friend of his mothers. I informed him that it was him and his siblings that had got his mother into trouble & that he should speak to my husband if he wanted to speak to either of us in future as I didn't want to know him & was no longer willing to put up with their behaviour.

I am now going out I don't need this hassle.

Thanking you for your help in this matter, Linda Corby





    Before I could escape off the estate on Friday 16th April 2004 yob 1 from no  confronted me on my doorstep, after he  went straight to no miss x's door & stood on their doorstep with their door open, & a large group or youths started to congregate there.

    I got home at 4.10pm to see a large amount of rubbish had been dumped outside the  door of a good neighbour at no .  Mrs divorced x & a large no of youths were pulling menacing faces at me from the corner outside no   behind yob 4's car from no at the top end of the estate  which he had parked were the good neighbour from no  usually parks.  I ignored them and went into my house.

I saw yob 4 move his car shortly before the people from no  arrived back & the good neighbour go out & put his car back into its normal space.  From this point on until 9.30pm they were all in & out of no (Miss x) door, the music went on in no 9, the volume went up & down like a yo yo, this I feel was in case we called the police again, like a hit & run game.  At 9.30 they all pilled over to no , I don't know if the noise level was  excepted to no  or not, or even if they were in, but I do know I could plainly hear it in bed with my windows closed & my head under the pillow until gone 11pm.  In the early hours the noise of people talking & fake laughter was going on outside no  from the congregation of youths again.(under my bedroom window)


We all received a copy of a strongly worded letter from  the Housing Department as to what was going to happen if the bad behaviour of some did not stop.)

    Sat 17th April 2004 I went out all day again & didn't come home other than to give the dog a run at midday, I got home at 3.30.  That evening it was the usual congregation of youths at no (Miss x), there was a weird tapping on our wall periodically, but this happens most nights now, along with them leaving their babies scream themselves to sleep in the middle of the night & not bothering to get out of bed to look after them.

Sunday 18th April 2004 . During the evening the youths spent their time going between the doorways of no (Miss x), no (Mrs divorced x) & no ms x & no (Yob 2,s) doorways between 12 am & 1.30 am they were making quite a bit of noise, fake loud laughing & shouting foul mouthed comments directed at us & the good neighbours at no .  Yob 2 from no  kept wondering across to the good neighbours Taxi & gobbing on it & also gobbing on my husbands car, the good neighbour from no  went out and told them to stop it.

(Note:  If you would like to read the story of what yob 2's friend did to a defenceless goldfish when he was visiting our estate, while yob 2 stood by laughing with his brother, quite gross,, which was reported on in our local rag then you will find it in my book 'Thought pieces'  titled 99p Goldfish. Click here to buy it is only £3.00 right now and a % goes to charity.)


Monday 19th April 2004.  We went out all day again, popping home for a couple of hours at lunchtime.  Getting home again at 6.PM.  The youths started mulling about again.  Yob 2 of no  was outside on the estate with yob 1 of no ,   at 8.10 PM Terry said something to yob 2 as the were walking towards the corner of no  & - & as they went past the good neighbours  Taxi yob 2 gobbed up on it again quite deliberately glancing at the windows of no the good neighbours to see if he had managed to get noticed.

    Thank you for trying to help, your housing letter was very good, but it seems they hold you in contempt, they think they can do what they want, the parents of these youths have no control over them  in any way at all,most of them don't attend school a lot of the time, the older ones don't work! My husband has a heart condition & I don't want the situation to explode, so if there is something further you can do to help it would be much appreciated, with thanks Linda Corby


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